School Star

My limousine stops. Fans surge forward, trying to break through the ranks of security. Normally I don’t inform the media, but today I’ve made an exception. Someone opens the door and I step out. Familiar and strange, my old school stands, framed by a riot; my name is screeched and I wave, lamely.
So where are you, Mr Sands? How long has it been? Six years? It feels like a lifetime.
I remember when you peered over my shoulder to see what I was writing.
“Bates – by the way, thank you for gracing us with your presence today – but when I asked for an account of your holiday, I didn’t expect some gibberish about a rock star singing to a pizza.”
The whole class giggled. You must have heard the whispers, “Bender Bates”, but said nothing.
I was proud of those lyrics. I still am. The old exercise book lies in an attic in one of my houses. Juvenile stuff, but some of the verses were good for fourteen. It must be worth thousands by now. You flung it across the room and I had to fetch it like a dog.
“Fancy yourself as a pop star, Bates? You’ll end up serving pizzas, more like!”
Oh yes, Mr Sands. How they laughed at that one.
So where are you now, Mr Sands? I hear you called in sick this morning, a day shy of your attendance bonus.
“Such bad luck!” the headmistress says, practically curtsying.
“Ye-ah, man.”

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