The Freedom of the Mind

Democracy’s incomplete; it’s still rough-hewn;
So do not end the struggle quite so soon,
For real power comes to those who buy it
But votes are free to those who just supply it.

They are not free whose votes are years apart
And merely choose which horse shall pull the cart.
It’s all a sham, a show to fool the eyes
That’s less and less convincing in its lies.

Power’s never given; it must be seized
Before the will to take it gets diseased.
You know it’s time to rise up in defiance
When the media and the State are in alliance.

You didn’t hear that news? I wonder why!
Don’t let your freedom go without goodbye.
The people speak to power what they’re told
And what they hear is packaged up and sold

By those in charge. It’s really very neat
And makes their bed of roses grow a treat.
It’s less what’s said than what remains concealed,
That keeps us all like cattle in a field.

Aye, a field; you cannot wander free
A fact apparent the more you choose to see.
You long for more of what you fear to lose
And do not see it’s only fear you choose.

One day you’ll end up begging for the air
As those who own the world decide what’s fair.
But there’s still freedom: the freedom of the mind:
The only hope for you and all Mankind.


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