The Captain’s Eye

“The best of all the cheeses, I declare…”
Said the Lady Isabella to her maid,
“Is the one that mortal man calls Camembert.
So please provide some – for that is why you’re paid!”
This annoyed her much-beleaguered maid,
Who said: “Milady, we’re only stocked with Cheddar.
And Waitrose is so far, when all is weighed…”
Which infuriated Lady Isabella.
“Now look!” Exclaimed the Lady Isabella,
“My heart’s on Camembert. You work for me!
I’ve half a mind to lock you in the cellar!”
And the maid said: “ ‘Half a mind’? I quite agree!”
Then they saw the Captain’s shapely thigh,
Became good friends, and laughed, to catch his eye.


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