The Politician Turns Poet

Well, naturally I found the skylark acceptable
and its song was certainly more than respectable
but I will not be drawn to talk of its merits
or comment on rumours of joys and blithe spirits.
I’m prepared in this poem to talk about cheer
my personal position’s unequivocal and clear –
the skylark cheered me up, that’s all I can say,
but that doesn’t mean I’ll get carried away;
on the contrary, I will use only plain simple words,
in line with my party’s policy on birds.
On the issue of pleasure – please let me finish –
I welcome all output from larks that are British:
I’ve taken account of all the song’s aspects
and I’ll certainly consider my emotional prospects.
Though the lark did ascend like a graph of the soul,
the statistical evidence seen in context in no way undermines my political role.


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