Life is Singing

A living blackbird
Full of hot guts
Like worms
Only hot
To power warm songs

Life alive
Two drops of Guinness for eyes
Only hot
To see where grasses flinch
To see the watcher in the window
To see a worm flick across the sky

Life living
Wormy guts packed tight
Carbon running smoothly
Made of chemicals or miracles?
Made of need for running
Made of worms

Life singing
Worms are singing
How could Worm know?
How could Song explain?
A living blackbird

22 thoughts on “Life is Singing

    1. Don’t know where this comment will land but I do hope you’ll be able to get things straightened out on your site. It certainly looks good when I view it from my PC. In thinking about it, that’s rather clever to repeat “ownshadow” in your URL and I don’t see why that’d cause a problem. Good luck with it all! Just don’t give up.

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      1. I have. But so far with little success. You’ve already been so patient with all your kind advice. Please trouble yourself no more! I’ll sort it all out eventually. Your generosity has been amazing. Thank you so much!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so creatively unique because I don’t really know what I’m doing. I wish I had a fixed style but the damned poems have their own ideas. Thank you so much for your kind comment!

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      1. You’re right of course. I’m sorry if you have already received a version of this reply. According to my site, not all replies I know I have written have been sent/received. I think it is part of the problems I’ve been having with my site. Perhaps it is why the numbers of my followers has stopped rising and is actually decreasing. If you get this, I hope you will understand how much ALL your kind comments are appreciated!

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      2. Sorry to hear you’re having the technical problems. I normally use my WP phone app but just went on my PC to visit your blog. There was one message in your right-hand margin about an incorrect URL, and to check it in your widgets – though seems your settings might also need to be checked?
        As for comments not being received – I didn’t get notification of the shorter one here as it started a new thread (independent of our thread). Just found it by going directly to your site and reading all comments. I make that error all the time, thinking I’m replying to someone’s comment when instead I’m making a new comment to myself. WP doesn’t make it very clear, which doesn’t help.
        Anyway, something else I noticed was that I can’t get to your site by clicking on “own shadow” – it’s not an active link as it should be. That might have to do with the URL being incorrect. (From my PC on your site the URL repeats “ownshadow” twice which you might not have intended.)

        Hope you’re able to fix whatever is wrong. Your wonderful poetry deserves to be read!

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      3. Thank you once again for your kind comments and advice. It was a conscious decision of mine at the time to repeat ownshadow in the URL. But it is possible that this is the cause of the problems and I will look into it. I’ve only once managed to contact an ‘expert’ of a WP

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