Cue the Reader

Poetry’s the art of pointing
(at what, I cannot say)

with a baton of words
that bring the reader into play.

Can you hear the meaning?
I may have missed, but hey

It’s you who must perform
for you today.

10 thoughts on “Cue the Reader

    1. Yes, it goes for all art, of course. A composer only produces a noise, the hearer has to experience it as music, and feel the emotion, to complete the piece. Their own emotions, their own response, so it is partly (or largely) their own music. The big problem is asking for royalties…

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      1. It certainly is. But it is sad to think of what society chooses to reward and what it neglects. It keeps the bathwater and throws out the baby.

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      2. I have never visited the other side of the pond so I am in no position to make a direct comparison, but my hunch is that you may be right. A lot of people here aspire to be writers. I think class aspirations have something to do with it.

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      3. It’s hard to say. England has a much older culture and literary history, so it might be an embedded mindset that we’re lacking here. Not saying there isn’t a large literary community here – we writers just don’t get much monetary support. There is token appreciation, with various awards, etc. But our government (especially current one) keeps cutting the funding for teaching such “frivolous” subjects in the public schools. It’s a shame….

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