10 thoughts on “Haiku on a Blackbird

  1. I could really imagine the call of the blackbird through this Haiku. Thanks for sharing! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem features a blackbird in case you have time to look? Have a relaxing weekend, Sam 🙂

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    1. Ah! Sorry, when you said it made you smile “at first” I thought that meant you grew tired of it. My mistake. 😳

      On the URL problem, advice was correct in removing the s from https. (Far as i know it adds the s when you log into your blog with password. But it’s not part of your URL for the rest of us.) But that’s the right place, where I made a correction to GK’s URL.
      Because the error message I get for your icon shows “oapsnu” (or something like that) as your URL I think somehow your old blog has been linked to your current blog – maybe via the same email address? The error message says that you have deleted your blog. If you can just find out how they’re linked. Something to do with your gravatar settings? Again, maybe through the email address you might have used for both?
      Wish I could do more to help. I still have to access your blog in a roundabout way, and others must be having the same problem.

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      1. Thank you once again for this helpful advice. It may be possible soon for me to find enough access time to try the forum again, and I will mention the gravatar issue specifically. As for the Barbie Girl, your first assumption was correct. The damn bird (although only for a day in the haiku) kept at it for months until it stopped. But my ‘disapproval’ is exaggerated for blackly comic effect. It wasn’t the bird’s fault that the Barbie Girl song got written, after all…

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      2. Funny how we sometimes hear words in birdsong. Hard when it’s over and over and over! (It also happens with inanimate objects. I once had a washing machine that said “cookies, cookies, cookies…” as it was agitating. 😆 And a steering wheel in my old car that squealed “I wanna go home” whenever I turned right. Seriously.
        As for blog problem, hope you’ll be able to get things figured out eventually.

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      3. There is probably a word for the phenomenon you describe, but I don’t know what it is. Blackbirds sing clear fluty notes and each individual has its own repertoire; it just so happens that those five note approximated to the song so closely I don’t think I had any choice but to hear the lyric in my mind, but subjectivity can’t be ruled out, I suppose. Another individual sang the opening notes of the Shepherd’s Song theme from Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, which was much more appropriate. But “I’m a Barbie Girl” is the worst chat-up line in history, and it was lucky for him that all the females in the vicinity we’re equally unaware of the song!

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  2. And then?

    Oh, btw, I maybe fixed the problem of not being able to click on my icon to get to my site….if you wanna try it. Maybe it’s the same setting that would fix yours so that your icon would become active on Ms B’s site? It’s a setting under your “profile” where it shows your URL. (But not the profile setting in the dashboard.) Hope I’m making sense. 😊

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    1. Thank you for the advice. Someone recently advised me to change the beginning of my web address from https to http, which I have done after clicking on the profile icon next to the bell. But that doesn’t change the address my site is using which still begins https. Since around the time I changed it, my viewing figures stopped their ‘rapid’ increase and have since dropped. Now I’m confused again. And the site that gave the advice is inaccessible.


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