Horoscope Wednesday 6 December

Here is your starguide for today.
Brace yourself.


AQUARIUS: The cold’s getting you down. Try turning all the lights on. Lucky mineral: coal.

ARIES: It’s time to show them who’s boss – in case they think it’s you.

CANCER: Your ideal partner is just around the corner. Watching. All night long.

CAPRICORN: An elderly relative needs cheering up. Tell them your iPhone  exploded.

GEMINI: With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to finish last year’s turkey.

LEO: Parenting can be stressful, but chloroform isn’t the answer.

LIBRA: Try to master a new hobby. There must be something you’re good at.

PISCES: A neighbour annoys you with a kind gesture.

SAGITTARIUS: All your evil plans are shaping up nicely. Lucky gemstone: Kryptonite.

SCORPIO: If your dog has fleas the size of rabbits try using a smaller magnifying glass.

TAURUS: With Mercury in Sagittarius anything could happen.

VIRGO: Carry a sausage.



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