The Face of Anger

Anger has no proportions.
It can fill any vacuum
and rot all that contains it.

It has escaped from Time itself
and its ceaseless waiting
unnerves our natural laws which say
that a death is but a renewal.

Anger, they say, hurts the angered.
I say anger is all of the hurt
carved out fastidiously
into visibility.

It is a mask to hide the horror
of the vacuum
where a human face has been.


7 thoughts on “The Face of Anger

    1. Only what I’ve just looked up on Google. It’s interesting stuff but I would have to give it some study before commenting on it. Thank you so much for your kind words about my poem.

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      1. Tolle has written a couple of good books (though some of his “teachings” are a little passive for me). But his section on “the pain body” in his second book is wonderful, in my opinion. The concept has helped me a lot in understanding our reactions and over-reactions…. why people do what they do.

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      2. I certainly recognize the moment when the conscious mind asks: “Why is my mouth saying this?” Then again, we are all familiar with the strange feeling of calmly watching ourselves being highly emotional. We are all a kind of schizophrenic(s). Are we really one being? Even our bodies are mostly made up of bacteria in symbiosis with the rest of us. We are all a kind of zoo. Maybe a colony of bacteria in our brains can become self-aware – now there’s an idea for a SF novel!

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      3. Yes, interesting thought. That’d be a SF novel for sure. 🙂
        Our subconscious alone is so full of stuff (even before our births) it’s no wonder we find ourselves reacting and overreacting to so many things. According to Tolle, once we recognize the pain body’s existence and allow ourselves to feel it, it has a way of getting smaller, or less potent. Or maybe it IS just bacteria. 🙂

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