The Rugby Match

“Tell me what you saw,” said the entity known on Earth as William Webb Ellis.
“Well,” I said, “It was the shape of a rugby ball and as big as the Albert Hall. It flew from East to West in less than three seconds.”
“I see. Then the ball is going out of play and there will be a line-out on Pluto.” With that, the entity disappeared into a glowing vortex.
Amazed at this encounter, I sought out my old science professor, and asked for his opinion.
“Well,” he said, “that’s very interesting. I, er, I just need to pop out for a second. If you’ll excuse me.”
Minutes later, I was escorted from the building by a security guard.
Needing to find someone more open-minded, that afternoon I attended a local meeting of UFO buffs. The guest speaker was convinced the craft was piloted by a reptilian alien with psychic control over the Royal Family.
Everyone listened politely when I mentioned the cosmic rugby game.
“Did you know it’s probably a myth that Webb Ellis invented Rugby?” said the speaker, triumphantly.
When I got home, I described the encounter to my little son. His face lit up with excitement. Fetching his rugby ball, he held it to his chin as he gazed up in blissful wonder at all the stars, at all the infinite possibilities.
“What’s the score, Dad?”
“I forgot to ask.”

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