Does Anyone Know?

If a fly
in a room without a window and only one light source
was happily flying round and round
and found itself suddenly plunged
into total darkness
(something in nature that never happens),
what then does the fly do
if it can’t see where it’s going?

Creating 3D images on your blog

Try this three dimensional effect. Stare at the space between the two large 1’s and let your eyes relax until a 1 ‘in between’ them comes into focus. Then shift your gaze down to see a 2 ‘further away’. The numbers get keep getting further away until, from 6 onward, they start getting nearer.

1             1

2              2

3              3

4           4

5        5

6           6

7              7

8               8

9               9




Unfinished – a word so final.
Living in Expectation without a visa,
he came to realize that to cease to do
is to cease to be.
His heart, broken, moved at last,
had one more beat to count
before the end
and grimly he noted for how long,
and for what final act,
the world was waiting.