The Cover-up

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When King Toffee of Lollipopia heard about the motor car, he was worried. It had been spotted near several villages on the outskirts of his kingdom. Nobody actually called it a motor car. The Lollipopians, who relied on horses for transportation, had never seen such technology, so the term ‘horseless wagon’ was coined. These sightings were becoming rumours. The rumours were spreading and the King’s subjects were growing Continue reading “The Cover-up”

The Life of Iris Bowe

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I had been helping out at Rose’s Rest Home for three months before the Nat King Cole incident. A work placement scheme for the unemployed had dumped me there, and I was chafing at the bit to leave. At the age of 24 I now realised that care work was not my calling. Wiping the backsides of dementia patients had convinced me of that. I supposed I lacked the selflessness of a truly dedicated care worker. The worst part for me was Continue reading “The Life of Iris Bowe”


For all I know
the gull up high
may ride the tide
we call the airwaves.

A movement never heard
by Beethoven or bird
beats upon the shore
of 92.4.

Where I pocket storms,
an orchestra performs;
the lightning confined
to galvanise the mind:

and I have glimpses,
when all around is dark,
of the rising sun
the Maestro bravely won.

So long ago,
he turned some mighty dial
so we could hear
the joy that’s ever near.