From Russia with Love

When Theresa May met Donald Trump,
he tried to hold her hand.
She kicked him, diplomatically
(which he didn’t understand).

He’d combed his hair, but her stony heart
was a wall he couldn’t scale.
He swigged his glass of Novichok
like any alpha male.

“This Champagne’s gotta…lotta fizz…”
he told her, eyes aflame.
“From Putin, Mr President
– so he’ll get all the blame…”

6 thoughts on “From Russia with Love

  1. Perhaps apostrophes confuse him: “How do I pronounce that?” It is amusing listening to British newsreaders trying not to laugh when describing Trump’s contradictory statements. As leader of the free world, he simply shouldn’t go around making stuff up: the election is over and he lost…I mean won. Now I see more clearly what Americans have had to put up with! To be fair to him, I think he believes what he says when he says it. An endearing trait in a young child, but in a grown man…


      1. While in Britain, he said: “I’m doing a great job, in case anyone hasn’t noticed…” And I thought: How profound of him to have discerned something so inappreciable it has escaped the rest of us. Well, some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some know Vladimir Putin.

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