Oldman & Younger #1

YOUNGER  Tell me, O Master: Why do the stars all glister in the sky? Are they the souls of holy saints who shone as beacons in their earthly lives, leading the sinful multitudes towards the light? Are these those honoured spirits that seem to twinkle in their dance of joy – perhaps that mortal eyes might learn of Heaven’s glory? Tell me, O Master, for I long to know…

OLDMAN  Yeah, I suppose. Oops. Looks like I’ve run out of beer. I’m off down the pub. You can see yourself out, can’t you?

YOUNGER  The ‘pub’, O Master? What is a pub? Do the wise go there for inner peace? Is it a place of contemplation, a quiet retreat for the study of the human heart?

OLDMAN  Well, I’ve certainly got my eye on the barmaid…

YOUNGER  The barmaid? Is she a virgin votive of that holy place?

OLDMAN  Virgin? Who? Viv? Ha! I’ll tell her you asked! She’ll love that! When you’re old enough, they’ll let you in and you can see for yourself!

YOUNGER  I have so many things to learn! So many pathways to explore on life’s broad highway though the worldly  –

OLDMAN  Yeah, well, Viv’ll teach you loads of stuff if you ask nicely. Though in my experience, she’ll prefer it if you sit up and beg…

YOUNGER  Like a dog?

OLDMAN  See? You’re learning already!


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