Summer’s green light
shimmers in the leaves.
The seaside sounds
in a passing breeze.

Dark leaves, or lit,
in layers of dapple.
Patience is as sweet
as a ripening apple.


The Sun

Do not look at the Sun
or, even less wise,
build a vessel to take you there.
But when it has a grey cloud singed
to re-enact the Story of the Dawn,
and the part of you as simple as a child
unwraps the gift of joy it brings,
recall that when no hope’s in sight,
behind the darkness lies the light.

Season’s End

We dallied in a golden hour
When love was queen and still in power.
Now, the interregnum brings
Chaos, a return of rings,
Despair, disorder, a dream betrayed
Like Autumn leaves that fall and fade.
We were so young, but seasons turn
And all green leaves in time will burn.

The Haunted House

“That house! We stayed there!” The couple said
as I passed them at the garden gate.
“But never, never again!” And then they fled.

Undeterred, I entered, and met the priest.
In the dimness I saw his spectral face
like someone recently deceased.

And when he spoke, his voice was hollow,
as old as those beams of ancient oak.
“Fear not, my son, Christ I follow.

“I’ve exorcised this house, by His grace,
of two departed souls. Well, goodbye, my son.”
He left. And now I haunt the place.