Sonnet 4

None but you can stem the fate that’s yours
or make it bloom. You may think it is wise
to let the reckless pass through open doors
to tempting dangers. But, here wisdom lies.
If you have life, there is no risk in living;
If you have hope, you’ll need no luck at all;
If you’ve a heart, your happiness is in giving;
If you’ve a dream, then wake up to its call
or you could wait, as in a lonely grave,
for dawn that never comes, an endless night
of rotting soul you did not dare to save.
So seize your fate, and join the merry fight.
Treat life as war, or peace will not be found
until they lay you, coward, underground.

Two Chumps at the White House

“Say, Ollie, where is Mexico?”
“Why, Stanley, every fool knows that!”
“You can’t call me Stanley anymore. It’s Mr President, now!”
“Well, pardon me, Mr President. Would you like your socks darned Mr President ?”
“No, thank you, Ollie. I just want to build a wall to keep out the Mexicans!”
“A wall to keep out the Mexicans? Well, Mr President, I never heard such a crazy idea in all my life! You should be ashamed of yourself. You’ll make the whole country into a laughing stock! ‘Keep out the Mexicans!’ – Hmmmm!”
“Oh… tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet… oh…”
“Stop your blabbering. What you need is something to occupy you…Say, why don’t you go on a state visit to Russia!”
“But I can’t even spell Rusher!”
“You don’t need to know how to spell places! You’re the President. George W. Bush is still convinced he invaded Iran. Go to Russia and then you could see your old friend Vladimir!”
“ But he pulls my finger-nails out if I don’t do what he says!”
“Well, it’s either that or you stay here and build the wall all by yourself!”
“Oh…tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet…oh…”
“Oh, shut up. Call yourself a President. Hmmmm!”