The Demons Return

He’d fluffed all his lines in a silly school play
and alone in his room he was sobbing away.
I told him how once, when I was his age,
it happened to me: “…then I ran off the stage.
But you stayed till the end and acted your part;
that you’re feeling ashamed is breaking my heart:
I’m so proud of you! Yes, smile; good lad.
You conquered your demons; I – ” “…You OK, Dad?”


4 thoughts on “The Demons Return

      1. Just remembering a Christmas play I was in where I had to memorize a particular verse. Had it down perfectly but when the big moment came I froze. No words came out. Everyone was looking at me for what seemed an eternity of silence before our teacher moved things along. 😲 (I was four or five.)

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      2. Thank you for sharing that! We all can recall traumatic moments from when we were very young. At that age all of the adults watching would have just gone “aaah…” But of course such a memory can haunt us for the rest of our lives, which is what the poem was about.


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