A city of insects,
commuting through the air:
the Doppler shift
of a passing buzz
a reminder we’re the pests

who aren’t in charge.
Without a single bee,
there’s no you and me;
without a human being,
the world would be serene.

They are the world,
its living circuitry;
more than just ‘belonging’,
but the Earth itself.
‘Simple’ is an art

more complex than we
who squash ourselves
beneath our feats
and write poetry
in despair.

Big Brother

gaping at their little screens
as they walk and talk,

addicted, connected,
completely infected,
spreading the disease,

allowing me to read,
with no dissention,
every intention,

are happy with the change
from a living danger
to a cloud of strangers.


The bird that clings to the branch
in the crashing of the wind and rain,
dreams of no other life,
prays to no imagined god,
but waits for the sun the clouds
daily lay for her.

Alone, orphaned from the egg,
she seeks no solace, or complains.
She is not sad for she is free
of the lust for happiness.
No rights protect her. No duty
binds her to another’s will.

She does not resent the storm,
builds no paranoia from the raindrops.
Water is not a punishment to her,
just as the rainbow, now,
is not the sign of her redemption.
She is a bird and it’s time to feed.

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