From Heaven

From leaf-fall to blossom-time,
when each year dies or grows,
no army can prevent or stall
the coming of the snows.

A snowflake that descends to touch
the frozen earth, and break,
has strength enough to quite withstand
a war – for pity’s sake.

Though shattering – as crystals made
from dew-drops formed on high –
snowflakes halted Hitler once,
and made a tyrant cry.

Snow blesses us in wintertime;
few armies march or fight,
and once, in France, all soldiers sang
how silent is the night.

The Explorer

She said,
as we stood on the shore,
“Where the world ends,
they say, my husband is lost.
He sailed to the edge of the sea
from where no man returns.
The very horizon makes me weep.”

Then, from behind us, he said,
“Wife, I’ve learned two things just now.
I love you, after all –
and the Earth is round.

The Game

He said: Son,
I knew a kid at school
who, like you, was always the last picked
when the teacher let the boys
choose their teams for a game of soccer.
He, too, felt the pain, the humiliation,
when his team-mates groaned:
“We’ve got Bobby Moore!”

Bobby Moore,
you may have heard,
went on to captain England
in the World Cup Final
back in ’66,
a defender Pele said
was the best he’d ever faced.
England won the cup that year.
You’re in good company, son.
So rise above contempt,
as others have done
throughout the world
and play your heart out,
for life’s a game
of two halves
and the game has just begun.