There was a man called Peter Green,
an inventor and a friend,
who tried to patent ‘Uni-Free’,
or ‘travel without end’.

Affordable to anyone,
and cheap enough to run,
it could take you anywhere:
Press ‘GO’ – and it was done.

The universe, no longer big,
was ours to roam with ease.
You and I were free at last
from all Earth’s tyrannies.

Pete thought he’d make his fortune,
that fame would come his way,
but the Government quickly classified
the patent in a day.

Their reason was that foreign powers,
some hostile, as we know,
would freely spread their boundaries
as far as space could go.

But Pete spoke up for you and me:
“What right have we to lie?
And in effect imprison them
beneath a single sky?”

The last I heard of Peter Green,
his suicide was announced.
Despite his vertigo, he jumped.
Such a height, he even bounced.

So be warned, you smart inventors:
While nation states compete,
you are not free to change the game –
or you might end up like Pete.

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