Close Encounters

One spacecraft landed on the sea
where dolphins gathered. We saw it on TV.
Some even swam aboard before it left.

Another, at the appointed hour,
arrived at the UN.
It was incredible.

They tossed beach balls.
We smiled and tossed them back.
They smiled and took off.



The bird that clings to the branch
in the crashing of the wind and rain,
dreams of no other life,
prays to no imagined god,
but waits for the sun the clouds
daily lay for her.

Alone, orphaned from the egg,
she seeks no solace, or complains.
She is not sad for she is free
of the lust for happiness.
No rights protect her. No duty
binds her to another’s will.

She does not resent the storm,
builds no paranoia from the raindrops.
Water is not a punishment to her,
just as the rainbow, now,
is not the sign of her redemption.
She is a bird and it’s time to feed.

Brexit Explained

As Britain’s Brexit strategy becomes clearer, it comes as no surprise to analysts who are unanimous that recent disagreements were ‘quite shocking’ and ‘slightly unexpected’ and ‘boring’ although they hope to reach a conclusion, according to reports from the ‘Office of Current Affairs’, the energy body charged with increasing arousal for all members and whose chairman recently resigned after being re-instated following his refusal to resign from his position on the board of what some describe as another board altogether, although not everyone agrees that there is any disagreement and point out the increased use of something Spanish at recent meetings ensured a smoother finish and greater deployment of tactics that critics have called far too vague and go further in describing an anonymous source whose claims have been construed as ‘preposterous’ by most observers who have been waiting for a chance to discuss the timetable for getting discussions started on the issue of whether a timetable for discussions is feasible before discussions have commenced or after the terms of the discussion have been agreed and ratified according to the timetable originally proposed after the first meeting broke up over confusion as to whether a timetable was better than no timetable at all or whether an alternative should be discussed at the next meeting if no agreement could be reached in the meantime or whether new discussions were feasible if no timetable had been agreed before Britain’s Brexit strategy was announced or before it became clear when it would be announced or whether it becomes clear when the strategy itself will be announced following further clarification.


We landed on the Moon
and found no cheese.

We went several times
and found no cheese.

But we found rocks
and took some home.

They tasted bad
but we took some home.

They called us heroes;
we called for cheese.

They marvelled at the rocks;
we marvelled at the cheese.