Sonnet 4

None but you can stem the fate that’s yours
or make it bloom. You may think it is wise
to let the reckless pass through open doors
to tempting dangers. But, here wisdom lies.
If you have life, there is no risk in living;
If you have hope, you’ll need no luck at all;
If you’ve a heart, your happiness is in giving;
If you’ve a dream, then wake up to its call
or you could wait, as in a lonely grave,
for dawn that never comes, an endless night
of rotting soul you did not dare to save.
So seize your fate, and join the merry fight.
Treat life as war, or peace will not be found
until they lay you, coward, underground.

Sonnet 3

A thousand roads to take. Only one leads home
to life, to love, to all your father meant.
Revenge leads to nowhere, where the lost must roam.
Listen to the words your father would have sent.
He did not stand for hatred, or counsel ill,
but raised you to rise – lift others if you can –
above the mire where monsters fight and kill.
Being human most becomes a man.
Your happiness was all that he desired,
so live as he intended, or it’s all for nought.
To defeat them utterly, simply be inspired
by who your father was, and what he taught.
Now grieve for him. In that, hold nothing back.
Tears are not weakness, but the what the weakest lack.