Worf said, “Captain, there’s and unknown craft up ahead! Approaching rapidly!”
“No sir.”
“No sir. It matches no known technology.”
“Nonsense, Mr Worf.”
“It’s impossible. The nearest star is light-years away. It would take a Twentieth Century rocket thousands of years to reach the Enterprise. Do you really think they’ve come all this way just to visit us?”
“A ‘rocket’, sir?”
“A very slow space vehicle propelled by the combustion of gases.”
“But, sir, perhaps they’re not using rockets; perhaps, like us, they’re using – ”
“Nonsense, Mr Worf. You must be imagining it.”
“But captain – ”
Report to sickbay at once. You need a level-one diagnostic on that weird-looking head of yours. You’ll be claiming you’ve had a ride on an alien spaceship next.”
“Actually, Captain – ”
“Now, Mr Worf.”

What are the Chances?

Most cultures were ‘discovered’
by a handful of others
that explored the globe.
Who would deny
such a history of the world
was highly likely?
It’s in the nature of things.
So consider: most inhabited planets
are visited before they visit others.
Indeed, scaling things up,
the odds against our isolation
are astronomical.


You are an Alien

It is inconceivable to us that aliens would simply find us, well, alien. That would take humility and imagination and human beings are deficient in both. We assume our space brothers are expecting us to turn up at their party, waiting for us with open arms (or tentacles). But what if these space brothers have breath like dog muck, vomit on their Continue reading “You are an Alien”