Close Encounters

One spacecraft landed on the sea.
We watched it on the news.
Some dolphins swam aboard before it left.

Another, at the appointed hour,
arrived at the UN.
It was incredible.

They tossed beach balls.
We smiled and tossed them back.
They smiled and took off.


What a lovely day
for painting a face on a potato,
leaving it by your neighbour’s door,
ringing the bell,
hiding when they answer
and saying:
“We have been observing your Earth.”

You are an Alien

It is inconceivable to us that aliens would simply find us, well, alien. That would take humility and imagination and human beings are deficient in both. We assume our space brothers are expecting us to turn up at their party, waiting for us with open arms (or tentacles). But what if these space brothers have breath like dog muck, vomit on their Continue reading “You are an Alien”