The Era of Mediocrity

Why do we elect those no better than ourselves? We think it is the expression of democracy to do so, but the expression of democracy is simply the act of voting. We should want to be ruled well. Indeed we should want to be ruled brilliantly. Leadership is like any other scientific, creative, technical, moral or social skill and we should look for, develop, and elect those who are touched by genius in this field. The Era of Mediocrity, long mistaken for democracy, should end. Freedom is not easy to achieve and maintain. It has always been the talents of great leaders that have enhanced our liberties. If we selfishly elect those most like ourselves, we should expect to be ruled by the selfish.

Big Brother

gaping at their little screens
as they walk and talk,

addicted, connected,
completely infected,
spreading the disease,

allowing me to read,
with no dissention,
every intention,

are happy with the change
from a living danger
to a cloud of strangers.