So Long, Suckers

You may be doomed
if you live on Earth.
So little has been done,
and far too late.
You should wonder why.
Do you really believe
that all will share your fate?



A schoolgirl teaching
grown-ups a thing or two:
There’s no Santa Claus.
Toys must be paid for.
Nothing will come down
the chimney but up it went
the future of the children.


Useless, the Rights of Man:
institutions and the state
and businesses that are too big
control our daily fate.

Powerless, in such numbers
we each are swamped by all
in cities in our millions
we are strangers more and more.

The cult of self so well divides,
we fear to unite
against the keyboards that delete
ineptly or in spite.

Binding is our source of strength,
not pursuing ‘live the dream’,
the state wants individuals,
not you and me, a team.

It wants us to believe that life
is buying, nothing more
and keeps us all distracted
with news that scares us all.

Well, now it seems the end is nigh:
individuals – we are doomed!
By looking out for Number One
our destruction is assumed.

This is how the world will end,
not a whimper or a bang
but a failure to be human beings.
Individually, we will hang.

A bank account that locals share
makes everybody rich
with a will to work together
if we dare to make the switch.

Alliances in time would bond,
conglomerating more
giving each of us a way at last
to even up the score.

Each human being protected by
only others of their kind;
the state now just a servant
attendant on mankind.

The size of economic units –
that’s where power lies,
and sharing means resources last
much longer if we’re wise.

So with no pain we’d ease the cost
to Earth of humankind.
We might even last forever
so use you minds – and bind.