Haiku 53

…sex. For those of you
still awake, ha ha, Section
Twenty deals with…


Oldman & Younger #1

YOUNGER  Tell me, O Master: Why do the stars all glister in the sky? Are they the souls of holy saints who shone as beacons in their earthly lives, leading the sinful multitudes towards the light? Are these those honoured spirits that seem to twinkle in their dance of joy – perhaps that mortal eyes might learn of Heaven’s glory? Tell me, O Master, for I long to know… Continue reading “Oldman & Younger #1”

Moronia # 3

Latest news from Moronia:

The King of Moronia, King Joe, 93, today married Abigail Splatt, 24, in a ceremony held at Port Storm General Hospital. For medical reasons, the honeymoon will be restricted to a private suite near the Emergency Room where a team of specialists will be on call 24 hours a day to “help out” – to quote a hospital spokesman.