The Globe-Trotter

To his first convention,
the Flat Earth Society guy
flew all the way.
He had to adjust his watch:
for some reason, the sun Continue reading “The Globe-Trotter”


We landed on the Moon
and found no cheese.

We went several times
and found no cheese.

But we found rocks
and took some home.

They tasted bad
but we took some home.

They called us heroes;
we called for cheese.

They marvelled at the rocks;
we marvelled at the cheese.


That bumble-bee
is meant for me;
he ricochets
off his delays.

He loads a rose –
right in he goes;
I rest and wait
and guess my fate.

A dream’s a fool
and earth is cruel;
the skylark folds;
the blackbird scolds.

The rose takes aim
to kill or maim –
he buzzes past –
my luck can’t last.


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Just another site that needs fixing

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