Beethoven Ends

Amber raisins,
those shrivelled skins
like ancient palms,
are far more loud
than the silence now.
My life-line stretched
to another star
following that final bar.


Backward Rats

The rat said: “There are stars;
I’ve seen them with my eyes.”
But this was not so wise:
the rest had weaker sight.

The rat that saw the stars
was disbelieved and killed
and eaten by his friends.
But who can see all ends?

Let Us Praise

They who from a dream awake
and to fruition bring it,
help compose the hymn of life,
exalting all who sing it.

They who liberated souls
from slavery of the mind,
woke more than they could ever know
of the dreams of humankind.

Then let us now remember them,
with voices freely raised,
building on the dreams they built
so they are truly praised.