Haiku 18

The sheen of the crow,
perfect every morning
beside rusty cans.


Waiting for a Call

Still waiting for a call;
asleep until it rings.
Circuitry, but where’s the switch?
Life is run on simple things:
a voice that speaks my name
(radio is not the same),
a sharing of desire,
the thrill along the wire
that activates us all.
If you would only dial
I’d wake up with a smile…
there’s so much I could bring…
Still waiting for a call…

Clouseau as Hamlet

To be ugh nut to be; waver tease no blur in same and
to zephyr sir slangs end errors surf at red juice fur tune,
whore to take hems are guns terse he of trebles
end bay upper sing, end same. Today, to slip, no myrrh,
end bed is slip terse say oui earned say ugh take,
answer Theo sunned gnat Ural shirks sat flushes ugh to:
teaser con Sue may shun to be devout Lee wished…