Haiku 64

When the alien
spaceship passed, Adam and Eve
left Eden at last.


Haiku 61

Stormcock earns his name
tonight. Throat against the wind,
markings like the rain.



The Stormcock is an old name for the Mistle Thrush, which occurs in Britain and elsewhere; it is notable for its tendency to sing even during a storm. An individual close to where I live is currently in the habit of singing during the night.

Mavis Davis

Mavis Davis made the gravy
and stuck a candle on it,
and by its light, so dim and brown,
she wrote a little sonnet.

It spoke her heart, alone and sad,
and made the budgie weep;
but the only comment that she heard
was an incoherent cheep.

And so she posted it online,
despite her dread of scandal;
so many liked her honesty,
she lit a second candle.

The moral of this story is
impossible to find.
It’s all about that gravy cake,
a candle, and mankind.