The Lady in the Lake

“You shot a duck!” the Lady said,
arising from the lake.
The hunter turned his gun around,
though terror made him shake.

He fired – and his head went ‘plop’
as it sank into the murk.
The gentle Lady re-submerged,
contented with her work.


There was a man called Peter Green,
an inventor and a friend,
who tried to patent ‘Uni-Free’,
or ‘travel without end’.

Affordable to anyone,
and cheap enough to run,
it could take you anywhere:
Press ‘GO’ – and it was done. Continue reading “Game-Changer”


Fireworks all night
– I think of wildlife
too frightened to sleep
or look for food –
and all to celebrate
the burning alive of a human being
long ago in a barbarous age.

Enough now.
Let’s show mercy to living pets
if not to a man long dead
so we can all
rest in peace.


We had a dog called Toby,
a mongrel for us kids.
‘Here-Boy’, they named him.
Toby’, I’d insist.

Well, anyway, a neighbour
showed up at our door
and held a bag in which his cat
wasn’t breathing any more

and Toby got the blame for it.
The neighbour was a creep.
So Toby had to go away
and they put my friend to sleep.

Then we heard it wasn’t him
who killed the neighbour’s pet.
The others wept for ‘Here-Boy’,
but it’s Toby, don’t forget.