The Divinity of Asia

Can God be known by Man? Perhaps.
I found a clue when young – in maps.
The teacher said to me: “Find Asia.”
Well, I looked. But where on Earth was Asia? Continue reading “The Divinity of Asia”


The Religion of the Shovel

They stand there holding leaflets, nothing else,
for hours each day: relentless islands of faith
in the flow of indifferent faces. They ring no bells Continue reading “The Religion of the Shovel”


Loss of Heaven

Lighting Up

We all are troubled
With loss of Heaven
As we live in Hell. Continue reading “Loss of Heaven”


An Epiphany in Glastonbury

There is a garden on a hill
within the grounds of Glastonbury,
where the chalybeate spring so endlessly brings
the healing water and the blackbird sings, Continue reading “An Epiphany in Glastonbury”


The Christening Song

You truly were wrought
By a Heavenly thought

In a bubble that popped
Which a fairy dropped Continue reading “The Christening Song”


Home of all Homes


There is no mistaking she’s alive.
My hands on the grass receive her touch
And I detect her pulse within my blood,
Her breath within my breath. In my stillness Continue reading “Home of all Homes”