Blackbird and Robin

So many years ago,
Blackbird and his sidekick, Robin,
also sang. Such memories of youth,
companion to the dawn;
such memories of the dawn.

Who would have thought
Blackbird and Robin are still around.
Dynamic Duo! Ever solving
the riddles of time.
Holy cow! I can hear them now.

The Leaves

The leaves of autumn
last till spring,
till summer, even.
Between young flowers,
they lie:
old flames chilled
by the change of seasons.
Had I an alien eye,
I might believe
that leaves
as decayed as these
were signs of spring
and pick them,
one by one,
to warm my home
with their fiery hues
and wonder why
they never die
but simply fade


Cheering up

From out of the brown,
life emerges, a green light
in the grey day.

Then daffodils
cast off their Winter blues,
put on their yellow frocks

and wobble away
at the discotheque of suns.
They are hilarious

in the chill wind,
young, bright colours
dancing in the storm.