The Contradiction

Are you certain
aliens cannot reach the Earth?
You’re an expert on all cosmic life,
aware of all that’s out there –

a god, I presume!
to quote your favourite gibe,
a ‘little green man’.

(I wish I had my glasses.)
If the latter,
let me be the first
to welcome you to Planet Earth.


There was a man called Peter Green,
an inventor and a friend,
who tried to patent ‘Uni-Free’,
or ‘travel without end’.

Affordable to anyone,
and cheap enough to run,
it could take you anywhere:
Press ‘GO’ – and it was done. Continue reading “Game-Changer”

What are the Chances?

Most cultures were ‘discovered’
by a handful of others
that explored the globe.
Who would deny
such a history of the world
was highly likely?
It’s in the nature of things.
So consider: most inhabited planets
are visited before they visit others.
Indeed, scaling things up,
the odds against our isolation
are astronomical.