The Doll

“ ‘Have this doll,’ he said.
‘It will come alive’, he said.”
“Who?” her daddy said.

“The man from the sky:
Where the light came from.” “The sky?”
“Why did Mommy die?”

He was all alone:
“Did that doll move on its own?”
He felt less alone.


The Contradiction

Are you certain
aliens cannot reach the Earth?
You’re an expert on all cosmic life,
aware of all that’s out there –

a god, I presume!
to quote your favourite gibe,
a ‘little green man’.

(I wish I had my glasses.)
If the latter,
let me be the first
to welcome you to Planet Earth.

What are the Chances?

Most cultures were ‘discovered’
by a handful of others
that explored the globe.
Who would deny
such a history of the world
was highly likely?
It’s in the nature of things.
So consider: most inhabited planets
are visited before they visit others.
Indeed, scaling things up,
the odds against our isolation
are astronomical.