The OwnShadow Dictionary




Leg   (slang) Money owed to an expensive lawyer.

Heaven   A place of torment for sinners.

Shopping   The failure to find what cannot be bought.

Poetry   The desperate detonation of words.

Cabbage   A vegetable eaten by adults.


Democracy   The belief by a majority that they are in charge.

Lottery   Money donated by the poor to the rich.

Education   The defeat of the young.

Hogwash    A fact stated by an unpopular person.

Battlefield    A place where soldiers are sent to be trained.



Antarctic   A famous iceberg with a penguin on it.

Crowd   The scene of a recent accident.

Domestic Cat   A wild animal that has figured out how to open tins.

Faith    The fear of randomness.

Hearse   A limousine for successful poets.

History   An explanation of why things won’t get any better.

Ponder    Someone who wonders if life would be better in a pond.

Rainbow   God’s way of saying that white light is made up of a spectrum.

Semen   The end to a perfect evening.

Ship   A device for getting from B to D.